About Charts

These charts creates interest & urges a thirst to learn more law. The updated charts conclude the entire syllabus with minute details in the shortest form.

Salient Features of PPP:-

  • A simplified systematic approach to the understanding of a complex subject written in a unique , simple & easy to understand charts.
  • User friendly –examination oriented style facilitating easy comprehension of each topic.
  • It has been written in a “Teach Yourself Style”, strictly following a student friendly approach & is essentially meant to serve as tutor at home .
  • PPP is most upto date & is a definitive work on the subject of law. It adopts a fresh & novel approach to study the subject.
  • Eye catching screens ,simple language , deal demarcation of topics, tabular form, Uniform format of chapters.

Care has been taken to present the study material in a logical sequence to facilitate easy understanding by student.

Selection of material in each chapter and placing them in a systematic order is so reasonable , logical, orderly & scientific that even an ordinary student can acquire real, competent, thorough latest & up to date knowledge of this(law) subject in a very short period of time & without any exertion on their part.